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A Dog Walker In Worthing That You Can Trust

Playgroup Dog Activities is a Worthing based dog walking service that puts safety and professionalism at the forefront of it's core. Sensible safety measures, responsible professional conduct and lots of experience collide to ensure that your dog is walked in a controlled and happy environment. Click the green button below to learn more about what makes Playgroup Dog Activities the best professional dog walker for both you and your dog.

About the service
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The Best Dog Walking Service For Your Dog

We both know that your dog only deserves the best. I believe that working with dogs is a responsibility that should be taken very seriously, so I hold their safety with the upmost priority. I have ensured that my service is up to the task by using some of the following measures:

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Safe Transit

Transit for your dog should be safe and reliable, providing plenty of space, safety and the option for segregation if required. My cages are made of solid steel with plenty of space for even the largest of breeds to sit upright with head space to spare. The van is also fully air conditioned to keep your dog cool in transit after walking in the summer months.

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A Fully Insured Dog Walker

I passionately believe that working with dogs should be taken seriously, which means ensuring that full insurance is held. My insurance enables me to walk a maximum of 6 dogs in public spaces, to transport your pets on the roads and to carry out my dog walking service inside my home and yours. It also covers me for any loss of keys!

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The Best Equipment

All dogs are different and therefore require separate methods to keep them happy and under control. I have at my disposal everything I should need, from long lines to GPS trackers; and super absorbent towels to first aid kits! The only tools I refuse to use in any capacity are ones that cause distress or discomfort; such as shock collars, tools that may choke your dog and any physical or verbal punishment.

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5 Years of Experience

For 5 years, I have walked many types of dogs in many types of groups. This has given me a wealth of experience as a professional dog walker, in dog behaviour and dog control. Aside from one bee sting and one twisted knee (alas, some things just can't be avoided), my dog walking service holds a completely clean record with zero dog-on-dog injuries and no lost dogs. This is due to sensible group planning, individual training, control and responsible safety procedures.

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Dog Walks

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Happy Pooches

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Join The Pack

Is your dog ready to join? There are many benefits to having a dog walker that goes beyond simply breaking up your dogs day. When a dog joins a dog walking service, they become a part of a consistent group which can improve their anxieties and socialisation skills; while also itching a very instinctive desire to co-exist within a pack.