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Frequently Asked Questions

What If My Dog Isn't Great With Recall?

All dogs start off on lead as they get used to me and each other; regardless of how good their recall may be. After this, dogs graduate to being off lead once I become certain that they can be trusted with the freedom. Long lines are available and encouraged as an intermediary step for dogs that struggle with their recall, which gives them the freedom of being off lead without sacrificing control. Long lines are also used as a great training tool to improve their recall. Click this sentence to read more on lead policies.

Will My Dog Get Muddy On Their Dog Walks?

A muddy dog having lots of fun


Although the dogs will get a rubdown, a full clean just isn't feasible within my time constraints. While my job is to guarantee lots of safe fun and play for your dog during their dog walks, they may have to be put into a room that can be easily cleaned; ready for when you get home.

What Do You Do With My Personal Details?

By making enquiries with me or by using my dog walking service, I may temporarily have to store and use some of your personal details. There are absolutely NO cookies or tracking on this website to record your visit, your details are never sold or shared and they are permanently deleted as soon as they are no longer needed. A full privacy policy is available here, and at the bottom of every page of the website.

Do You Do Ad Hoc Work?

It's extremely unlikely that I can accommodate dogs that need walks on different days of the week, or on request only. My schedule is too busy to guarantee a place will be open on such short notice, and I also can't keep spots open for dogs that might not need walking. For that reason, all dogs will need to commit to a same day/s each week arrangement. Click this sentence to read more on my dog walking services.

How Many Dogs Do You Walk At one Time?

I'm insured to walk up to six, but my walks are designed around 4 to 5 dogs per group. Click this sentence to read more about this.

Do You Walk In Enclosed Areas?

I conduct my dog walks in a mixture of fully enclosed locations and open spaces and all dogs are taken into individual consideration depending on wherever we're walking. However, we never, as a rule, walk close to any roads.

Do You Offer Dog Sitting/Boarding?

I no longer offer these services, but as I'm insured to do them I often help existing clients with these requests.

What Times Of The Year Do You Have Off Work?

I allow myself approximately four and a half weeks off each year. These dates are decided and sent out to all clients at the start of each year. Outside of these dates I always work as required; bank holidays and school holidays included.

Do You Offer Discounts?

Due to a recent price restructure, I only offer a £1 per walk discount For dogs booked in for at least 5 bookings per week. Multiple dogs from the same household count as individual bookings for the purpose of qualifying for the discounted rate. For instance, two dogs from the same household would need to be booked in at least 3 times a week to reach a total of at least 5 bookings. Discounts for dogs that walk more than 4 times a week are no longer active. Click on this sentence to read more on pricing.