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A Dog Walking Service in Worthing

Back in 2015, I decided that I wanted a fresh start doing what I've always wanted to do; work with animals. Although I have many qualifications that could place me in many different industries, nothing could make me more satisfied than working on my own, in my own space, surrounded by dogs that have fast become my best friends. After careful consideration, I decided to build my dog walking service in a way that put responsibility and safety first; that made the right decisions for the sake of the dogs and not just for the profit.

Many people considered professional dog walking as not at all serious, but I will always believe that working with dogs is a highly skilled job with many serious responsibilities to undertake. Our dogs are complex animals, all with different backgrounds, characters and levels of obedience. Guiding these dogs through public spaces safely and responsibly takes knowledge, experience and attention, and should only be done by those that understand the responsibility.

Although our bylaws and our professional insurance limits dog walkers to walking 6 dogs at one time, I have found that groups of 4 to 5 is the magic number. With groups this size, sensitive dogs do not get initially overwhelmed and dogs find it easier to cement their position in their group. It's also beneficial to one of my top priorities; safe transportation.

Transporting your dogs from A to B is a big concern of mine, as I see far too many dogs stuffed into the back of hatchbacks. I have paid a lot of money to ensure that my solid steel cages will survive any accident that may arise on the road, or will be sufficient should dogs need separating during transport. Needless to say, being fully insured is also mandatory for dog walkers to protect the general public; and my pricing has remained highly competitive since my business' inception in 2015.

Please follow the link below to see my dog walking service's details where you can learn much more about the safety measures I have in place, or my pricing.

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Although Playgroup Dog Activities is a sole trader operation run by a dog walker named Tom; there's some help along the way from some other key individuals too.

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A Dog Walking Service Since 2015

In March of 2015 I started Playgroup Dog Activities and became a professional dog walker. since then, I've led well over 6000 professional group dog walks without any incidents. This is due to sensible group planning, individual training, control and responsible safety procedures.

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